We won't lie. Flaine isn't pretty unless dull concrete is your bag. But what IS pretty is the first three-star alpine opening of the always brilliant Sibuet group. It's the ultimate antithesis of the resort itself, a sunburn on a grey afternoon, a wildly unstable celebration of a place. There's Native American art, shiny woollen fabrics, semi-industrial walls, retro arcade games and neon signs. Cheerfulness is the word. And an informal staff in jeans'n'tess, an open-air restaurant the size of a rugby field and a bar that would probably forbid you to wear heels. There's also a terrace, a ski workshop and a huge outdoor jacuzzi (for sociable reading). The monochrome rooms are simple and comfortable: huge inflatable beds, cowhide wardrobes, spacious balconies with a spectacular view of the Grand Massif. A completely modern mountain refuge.

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